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JosieFB said:
I've emailed customer service with my questions, but I thought someone here could tell me if I'm confused.

I got the following package / discounts. The CSR quoted the discounts back to me when I placed the order and said the PlusHDDVR price included the HD Access Fee and the DVR fee.

72.99 PlusHDDVR
(18.00) 12 month package discount
(10.00) 24 month AAA discount
(10.00) Customer referral discount
12.00 Sports package
5.99 Protection Plan
4.99 2nd receiver lease fee

My installation was yesterday, and today they charged my credit card for my payment. They break the bill down as follows:

4.99 Leased Receiver Charge
(10.00) AAAReferNew
72.99 PlusHDDVR charge
12.00 Sports Charge
0.00 DirecTV Protection Plan - charge
(4.99) Primary Leased Receiver - LeaseFee Free Rcvr
4.99 Primary Leased Receiver - Charge

They did not credit me for the 12-month $18 package discount or the 5-month $10 referral discount. Am I interpreting everything correctly? Is there any reason I should not have received those discounts on the first payment?
discounts of 18 must be called in or applied for online at directv.com 6 - 8 weeks to start after applying, the 5 month referal takes a month or so
protection plan starts in 30 days
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