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Question about baseball games...

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I am a proud new subscriber. (as of Sunday) I got the Sunday Ticket package with Superfan and the TC Premier package. I have all of the sports networks and was looking forward to watching a Red Sox game last night on NESN HD. I watched the pre-game show , but at 7pm when the game came on I got a black screen with the error message "You are not subscribed..."

Is this some sort of MLB blackout rule? (I assume it is) My second question is: when College FB starts in 2-3 weeks will I have the same problem watching those games on the RSN's - will they be blacked out?? If so, what's the point of the sports package if all of the games are blacked out! There's only so many times you can watch "The Best Damn Sports Show" LOL!
Thanks in advance for the help!
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The only way to get "out of market" pro games is to subscribe to the various League Packages - Sunday Ticket, Extra Innings, Center Ice, League Pass, etc.

I think the college games are different and you will get more, but whenever there is a separate subscription package associated with a sports league, you're subject to black out.

The primary benefit of the "Sports Package", are the national channels at the top of the 600 range. The rest is lagniappe if you can get the games.
Most (if not all) of the Big 12 and Pac 10 games on Fox Sports Net are on in HD and do not require an extra subscription. Typically all FSN games are on. The ones that will require a special package are the out of market ESPN Regional games and ESPN alternatives as well as the ABC out of market games.
say-what said:
The rest is lagniappe if you can get the games.
Nice vocab word, by the way! :righton:

For those of us who didn't major in English... ;)

Function: noun
Definition: (chiefly used in Louisiana) a small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase <a sack of lemon drops for lagniappe with the groceries>
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