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Question about cancelling STARZ

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My wife and I decided that we can no longer justify paying $13 a month for STARZ given the amount of time we have to watch it.

I went online to cancel it out, but it notified me that I would have to change my package in order to cancel. I have the grandfathered Total Choice Plus package. I certainly don't want to change packages and end up paying an addition $2-3 a month.

Is there any remedy to this?
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Call in to cancel when you have a grandfathered package. When you get to the promp that asks why you are calling say Operator. The automated voice will pause and then start talking again. Say operator one more time and you will be transferred to a CSR.
Yes, just call in and ask to have Starz removed. As long as you are not canceling Starz within the first 30 days you will be fine, if it is before the 30 days, there is a 10 dollar premium service disconnect fee.
I also have the grandfathered Total Choice package and tried to switch from Starz to Showtime online. The same thing happened to me. I just called D* and they switched my movie package without any hassle.

I was also told if I ever do decide to switch to one of the new packages that I will likely lose the Fox East (New York channel 88) and CBS East (80) HD channels that were also grandfathered in. I'd like to keep these channels.
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