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Question About D11/HR21/H21

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OK from reading many posts I get the impression that the HR21 boxes needed release 0x255 to use new HD capabilities that D11 will provide. My HR21 was upgraded on 7/16 without incident.

I've also got an H21 box with Software version 4062 and its not scheduled for any upgrades.

So my question is why the HR21 boxes needed to be upgraded and the H21 boxes apparently do not.
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Your HR21 will have all its functions right out of the box. If a software update is needed it will download it as needed. The most recent software versions will be maintained on your tuners automatically.
Does it matter?

Unless you unplug your HR21 until D11 goes live, it will get the necessary software before D11 goes live.

D* is juggling a lot more balls with the HR21 than they are with the H21.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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