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Question about DMA,Locals, LIL, Spotbeam

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I'm having D* installed Tuesday. I checked to see if I could get my locals in SD, here is

what the form said:

ABC WABG 6 Grade A (strong signal)
CBS WXVT 15 Grade B (moderate signal)
WJTV 12 Grade B (moderate signal)
FOX Eligible
NBC WLBT 3 Grade B (moderate signal)
PBS Eligible
CW Eligible

If I understand, that means I can get the NY or LA feeds of Fox, PBS, and CW? Correct?

Here is the problem:

I will be out of luck With NBC, ABC, and CBS. I have tried numerous times to get these channels from a 25-30' antenna with no luck.(We are in a delta here).

I have neighbors and friends all over this town that get the Jackson DMA, which it lists me in above, spotbeamed/LIL to them. One lives across the street.

How could I get those channels from Jackson on my dish? Who would I have to talk to and what would the process be?

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First off, :welcome_s to DBSTalk!!

Which form did you use?

As long as you are indeed in the Jackson DMA, then you should have no problem receiving all of your (Jackson's) locals in SD... but they're currently not available in HD...

Try plugging your zip code into this form... http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/packProg/localChannels.jsp?assetId=900018

I hope I read your question correctly... If not, feel free to correct me... :)
Thanks, glad to be here.

I used that form you gave a link to when signing up for the package. It said We don't currently offer local channels in your area

The one I used in my post above was this one:

hxxp://directvdnseligibility.decisionmark dot com

What I don't understand is, if they "aren't available", how are my neighbors across the street and numerous others within walking distance from me getting the local Jackson channels spot beamed in? It all comes through their dish. No antennas.
If the link I provided says you are not in the Jackson DMA, I have no idea how your neighbors are able to receive Jackson locals via sat... I would assume maybe the site is telling you "not available" in error... or maybe because it's not recognizing your address...

Approx. how far are you from Jackson out of curiosity?
50 or so miles. (lots of hills and as stated, in a delta here) antenna is useless unless you put it on top of a cellular tower. :eek2:

I don't understand it either. They get them no problem next door and at other homes here. I have even double checked. No antennas. NBC is 3 out of Jackson. Hit 3 on their remote and you get WLBT. Same with all the other stations listed above.
Hmmm... Okay, gotcha.

If you are not able to receive the Jackson locals via sat... then you could always apply for a waiver for the distant networks... If for some reason you are in the Jackson DMA, then you will need the approval of the stations. Considering you are 50 miles away and in a delta, hopefully they will grant you the waiver.

I would ask your installer on Tuesday and maybe he can provide you with some solid info... After that, I would place a call to DirecTV and try to get it all sorted out...

Good luck with your install and sorry I couldn't be more help... I'm sure more will be along later today to add to the thread... :)
Thanks for taking the time. It's just confusing how a home across the street can get the Jackson locals via sat, but not here. lol :confused:
Quick question - Does your neighbor across the street have DISH Network or DirecTV?
Direct TV.

Hasn't had it very long either. A friend less than 1/4 mile from me has direct and gets the them too.

I just checked and entered the zip of a small community 7 or 8 miles south, towards Jackson and all are available there per direct website. :rolleyes:
Maybe your neighbors "moved" into the DMA.
What happens if they "moved" and they have trouble and need a tech to come out? :eek2:

They have has them since it was installed though. I remember when it was installed.
It sounds like you are in the Greenville-Greenwood DMA. It's probably doubtful the stations there (WABG 6 (ABC) and WXVT 15 (CBS)) will give you a waiver to get Jackson locals or Distants without alot of fuss. Can try it though.

WABG is ABC, but they carry Fox on a digital subchannel so you may have difficulty getting a waiver for Fox too.
The weird thing is WABG(abc) is in Greenwood. WLBT(nbc) and WJTV(cbs) are in Jackson.

The Jackson affilliate for ABC is WAPT.

Odd huh?
zrebel said:
What happens if they "moved" and they have trouble and need a tech to come out? :eek2:

They have has them since it was installed though. I remember when it was installed.
I am not avocating "moving", but it is done.
I understand what you were saying. ;)

I was just thinking out loud and wondering what would happen. lol

I'm just trying to figure out how to get them. Local news, local sports, etc. Gonna suck without them.
This happened to me to. I entered my zip code and if I lived in Craig county then I would qualify for all locals out of Tulsa Ok but since I live in Ottawa county I dont qualify for any locals except for distant CW and PBS. I am gonna submit waivers tomorrow as soon as I get going. We will see how it goes.
I am in the same county as a qualified community.

A small community a few miles up the road in the same county as me is qualified for all the Jackson feeds.

Weird, huh?:confused:

I don't understand why they won't spot beam them in from the Jackson DMA when I am part of that DMA and they already send it to one community 7 miles up the road.

I say community because all it has is a gas station and post office. Maybe 200 households... Maybe...

This is a town here, granted it isn't massive, but it's much much bigger than that.

Everyone that I have asked in this town has them.
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