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Question about E*11 and dish 1000 and call with allamericandirect

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when will the dish 1000 ever work for everyone, i live in hawaii and would like to have a dish 1000 on my roof instead of two big dishes, we are in a new century, when would they improve these technology it shouldnt take this long?

Then on another note I called mydistantnetworks.com and asked?

Asked them when are you guys switching over to fiber optic cables, the picture quality is still bad?

Answer: We already have fiber optic cable.

Also asked, why on your website, are you guys against dtv? I think its a great idea to make digital qualty channel.

Answer: We are not against dtv, we actually did convert the distant networks to digital qualty and you do not have to worry after feb. 9th 2009, about losing them.

If you guys did these things, then why do I still see double images on some channels can you please tell me how to fix it

Answer: Call dish network and ask them how to program my receive.

what are you guys feedback, try calling them and ask similar questions and see what they give you for an answer
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I gave up and dropped allamericandirect because the picture quality was so bad. But then I was mostly just subscribing to get Atlanta to see how another region lives as I get San Francisco from Dish. Since I was getting San Francisco from both, IMHO the picture quality issue is in allamericandirect's court, not Dish's.
Chances are, All American Direct does not pay the stations for a quality feed since they do not have to pay anything other than the mandated copyright fee. The stations have no incentive to provide a quality feed since the viewer is not in their market. So, it is likely an OTA pickup.
Sad thing about it is that an OTA pickup can be great if done right.
jclewter79 said:
Sad thing about it is that an OTA pickup can be great if done right.
That was kinda my opinion. The very moment a reliable digital HD signal was available from a station, it should have been uplinked even if they had to downrez and letterbox it. Instead we started getting an occasional "squeeze-o-vision" when somehow they were getting the HD signal instead of the analog SD signal. It was very confusing trying to figure out what they were doing. But I still don't understand the quality problem. It feels like they've got an analog antenna somewhere on the edge of the signal area and are running through my old VHS box.
i wish they would actually do something about it, for the price that they raise it up too, and especially after the court rule in their favor and dish network, they should make the channels better quality instead of ota, we should all write a letter together saying we want something done about this immedidately or drop the price to a reasonable cost for what we are receiving
I live in Gainesville, FL so the closest NBC affiliates are in Jax and Orlando. Unless I put my antenna up on a 20ft+ mast I'll have to stick with the abominable quality.
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