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Question about HR21 and RF

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I am new to the HR21; just got a HR20 replaced last week.

Try as I might, I can't get it to go into RF mode (this following instructions on the GUI).

What gives? Does the HR21 not support the RF mode?

They also sent (independently) a new white remote, I think it is a "65C" model, if memory serves.

Could it be the remote itself?
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JBv said:
The HR21 definitely supports RF...and no external antenna needed. Is your remote an RC65R remote? (I believe the current ones being sent out are RC65R, RC65RX, and RC65RBX)
If it has an R after the model number and an FCC label on the back it's an RF remote. The RC65 and RC65X are not RF remotes.
Thanks JB. That's probably it; I don't remember seeing an FCC label and it is probably a RC65x (have to check when I get home). Really valuable info; I owe you.

I think this means I will be buying a new remote; RF is reaally t*ts; I can be slobbering on a rack of ribs and lean over and press a button on the remote laying on the table with my one non-greasy pinky finger and change channels; I don't have to pick it up and aim it like a Glock :D.
JBv said:
All of the current RF remotes DirecTV sends out are backlit too. For $25 you can't beat that.
Finding backlit RFs on the internet for as low as $8. Since colored buttons are going away, I think I'll get a few. They'll have to kill them in an up rev to affect me.

But no, although the remote they sent me was "sent out currently", it turned out not to be an RF remote, nor was it backlit. (bastids!)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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