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I'm confused about the value of being able to see Ka signal strengths on the Acutrac III, which was supposedly designed especially for aligning the AU-9 slimline.
The D* tech tip sheet on using the Acutrac III (attached) specifically says the Ka readouts are NOT sufficient for aiming the dish and stresses that dithering MUST be used.
So, what does the Acutrac III actually do to simplify aiming that a meter without the Ka capability wouldn't?
I use the meter to repeatedly aim the dish as I travel in my RV. When traveling, I receive the networks from New York thru a DNS RV waiver.
So far, I've aligned the slimline dish 5 or 6 times in different locations. It’s averaged about 10 minutes each time, but I've done it without dithering by peaking the Ka hi and Ka low on 103 after coarse alignment on the 101 and 119. Have I just been lucky?
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