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Question about LNB's (especially to dealers)

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Well, it looks like it finally happened. One of my dual LNB's started to show signs of trouble. Here is what happened.

Over a period of time I was noticing that I was starting to get a lot of pixelation on my local channels but all other channels were fine. After ruling out switches and cabling, I changed out the 110 LNB (because that is where the locals are coming from). Now everything works great.

My question. How long do LNB's usually last? I'm kind of curious because the 110 LNB has been in service for only 4 years. I would especially like to hear from any dealers to see what kind of failure rates they see. It just seems like an LNB should last longer. Thanks
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I've seen very few of them fail, except in the case of a lightning surge that destroys a whole lot more equipment. As for single component failure, I've replaced one dual Sony in four years. They do fail, like all solid state electronic equipment. Heat and small surges destroy them over a long period of time.
I do not see very many lnbf failure rates but it happens every once in a great while. That has been the most reliable part of the systems with the ones that I have sold.

You could have had a loose connection. Try putting it on the 119 side to see if it works on that side.
I can't think of ever having to replace a regular (single or dual) LNBF. That includes one that I accidently dropped down most of a flight of stairs & still worked fine.

We have had some bad TWINS & maybe one bad QUAD but the DOAs were undoubtedly cause by bad internal switches. I also had a couple of TWINS lose the 110 side when the cust was tuned to a channel there & had AC surges.

The reason for more bad twins is due to the fact that it is more complex and has an internal switch and two lnbf's rather than one. There is more to go wrong. They aint going to have every single lnbf to work, with as many that are made, there are bound to be some go bad or be doa.
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