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Question about moving and reception

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I've been thinking about moving to a rural area and looked at one place yesterday (a rental). It's more heavily treed than where I live now but there are gaps. But I don't know if I could get a line of sight. I also still have about a year and a half commitment to D*. What happens if I can't get reception? I did see a few other dishes in the area. I asked at the general store how satellite service was and the woman told me she'd seen some inventive places used for dish placement. Somehow I think Ironwood wasn't involved. At least one of those guys told me it was against D* policy to string lines between buildings because "A squirrel or something could chew on the wires." when I tried to get hooked up at my current place. (There's my cottage and a duplex and triplex sharing the same yard, had my landlord's permission).
Anyway, is there anyway to check ahead of time? It's not the only deciding factor but if I do move there I'd rather not pay for service I can't get.

And an unrelated question- I want to give someone a DVR for Christmas. I was hoping they would have the option of canceling service without penalties if they decided they didn't want it within a certain amount of time. But a CSR told me they would be stuck with the 2 year commitment no matter what once it was activated. Is this true? Or would reaching a different CSR make a difference?
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cybrsurfer said:
Unfortunately the new leasing program squashes hopes of buying a system as a gift, because it has to be activated, and if not activated must be returned to DirecTV within a certain time frame. If you don't return it to them when they send out a return kit you get charged the buyout fee. (HR-20 $749 to buy minus leasing purchase price). Also you would be charged for the 2 year commitment.

For you new rental, make sure the landlord actually owns the land and house and it's not a condo association, ask permission. If you get the OKay from landlord then have movers connection come out and install the new Dish for you. Obviously they will survey the site and let you know if it's possible.
Sorry If I wasn't clear. I meant if she activated it would she be able to cancel without being forced into a 2 year commitment. I understand (sorta) my penalties if she went past a month without activating.

Not worried about condo issues in a rural area. Just reception and my contract with D*.
But are you saying they (D*) will check it out before I even sign a lease? I have doubts about it.
I appreciate your response though. Thank you.
bobnielsen said:
Invest in a cheap compass and a protractor and you can easily determine if there is a view. You need to do this for each satellite position. There are several web sites which provide this information. Here's one: http://www.emantechnology.com/lookangle.asp.
Thanks for the link- except I don't know how to use a protacter for this. Or at which satellite the compass should be directed.
I don't have HD if that helps.
Sorry. I'm not mathematically inclined. :/
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