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So in about a month I will be relocating for a new job and I'm wondering if I should move with my DirecTV or leave it with my roommate for the remaining 3 months of our contract and just start a new one at my new residence?

This is our bill currently
04/09 05/08 CHOICE XTRA CLASSIC Monthly 68.99
04/09 05/08 DIRECTV Protection Plan Monthly 5.99
04/09 05/08 Advanced Receiver-HD Monthly 10.00
04/09 05/08 Advanced Receiver-DVR Monthly 8.00
4/09 05/08 DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR Service Monthly 3.00

04/10 Additional TV 6.00
04/10 Primary TV 6.00

Adjustments & Credits
04/09 05/08 Advanced Receiver-HD HD For Life w/Auto Bill Pay -10.00 Credit
04/10 Primary TV Free -6.00 Credit

So if I started a new contract I would get the 12 month promo rate for the choice xtra package which is 39.99...

I guess my question is, other than being able to cancel anytime, is there any benefit of being a customer and not under contract? Also I believe doing the whole move thing will extend my contract? Any advice as to what I should do in this situation? I like DirecTV and don't mind staying with them I just also like saving money :)
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