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I currently have 2 DVRs and 1 HD receiver. I use the whole home DVR but I am doing it using my own setup. I have the ethernet cables plugged in to each box and connected to my home network.

Also, the 2 HD-DVRs that I have both have 2 lines running into them.

I will most likely be moving in a few months and will take advantage of the movers connection. I have read that you can have DVRs that run only 1 line to the DVR and allow the whole home DVR run over the coax and not ethernet. I'm not sure of the ethernet jack options in the place I will be moving.

Is there a way to request this setup when it comes time to move? Having only 1 line to each DVR will be a lot easier than having 2 lines to each.

If it makes any difference, the DVRs that I have are an HR21-100 and an HR-21-200.

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My guess is if you already have Whole Home DVR active on your account they will set you up with a SWM install and get Whole Home set up at your new home as well. The only issue would be if your installer doesn't have enough DECA units with him.
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