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Question about upgrade policy

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I signed up in April and got the 10-250. When I complained about no HD locals which had been promised and the main reason I switched to D from Dish, I was told I would receive the new upgradeded box when it comes out at no charge.
Today when I called about the new 20-250 I was told I had to pay $99 for the upgrade. Do I need to pay this or is it worth fighting since it was promised to me.
If indeed I have to pay, is it really worth the $99 for the upgrade? I have OTA antenna and I get all the locals in HD except for NBC which comes out of San Jose and I don't pick it up. Should I just pay the $99 because of the chance that the new promised hd shows from the coming satellite will be in mpeg4?
Thanks for any help.
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1) If it wasn't documented on your account, or in some written form... You are fighting an uphill battle... but you should at least try.

2) What did you pay for the HR10-250 is going to play a major factor in what kind of deal you get on the HR20-700

3) Only you can decide for yourself if it is worth the cost... based on the feature set.
Try again with customer retention. I paid basically nothing ($20 shipping) for my HR10-250 only two months ago and just got the HR20 as a replacement unit for free due to the HR10 not operating correctly. We still don't know if the failure of the HR10 was a modem failure or a failure to work with the wireless phone system that feeds my house (advanced tech support called it a modem failure).

The HR10 was a leased unit, but I was told it carries a one year warranty so it was covered anyway. If you got yours in April it should be a leased unit as well, so you could try to talk them into giving you a replacement since they are going all HR20 eventually anyway.
One more thing, on a couple other threads a few people have said they have had to pay $99 for the HR20 but then they get an instant credit for $99 on their account. You may want to try for that as well.
Or, you might be able to suggest programming discounts that will be the equivalent of bringing the cost way down.
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