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Question about wiring when moving

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I'm moving in with my girlfriend who has a condo and its been years since I've have Directv installed. I have two HR-24 dvr's that I'll be bringing with me. She has existing coax cable for cable tv in the locations that I'll be putting my dvr's. I figure I'll upgrade to the whole home dvr if I can.

Do I still need two coax lines run for each dvr? The living room won't be a problem. Its a straight drop to the basement but the upstairs room is where I think I'll run into problems. It looks like to me when they first built the condo that the coax cable instead of dropping from the room to the basement on an interior wall, goes up, through an attic space and down and exterior wall to the basement. Seems like it would be real tough to run coax again. So I was hoping just to use the existing coax in that room. Can that be done?
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Hopefully the coax that is there runs back to a common or central point. You want to run the coax from the dish to that common point. There, you will put in the power inserter for the SWM LNB (in the dish), and a splitter. Connect the coax that goes to the rooms to the outputs of the splitter.

You won't be able to use the same coax for anything related to cable (tv or internet), so be sure to figure out everything you have and how it runs before disconnecting anything that you might want to keep.
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