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Question on am 21

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Hi, all, i made the switch back to D. I was wanting to know can i record the subchannels off of the am 21 to hd dvr. What i am wanting to do is tape shows off of me tv on our local tv network. Nice thing with dish was we can do that. I can get a vcr dvd combo but was looking for cheaper price. Would the am 21 pick up the subchannels.. So far so good cool thing is i can watcth tv on ipad. Hope this makes sense max..
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The only channel i want to record is me tv it would be 7-2 in omaha. I would assume it would be in the data base is there a way we can find out what channels are in data base? Thx max.
I have hr22/100 it sound like this would work. I have vcr dvd combo picked out but dont want to pay the extra bucks.. Thx for all your help guys..
One more thing my zip is 51555 i am in omaha market but i think this will work. Plan to get it tomorrow will let you know how it works out
I got the am 21 yesterday. It works great easy set up i get all of the sub channels except one 3-2 lwn network but it is worthless. I can dvr me tv. Thanks again for your help. Max
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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