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Question on am 21

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Hi, all, i made the switch back to D. I was wanting to know can i record the subchannels off of the am 21 to hd dvr. What i am wanting to do is tape shows off of me tv on our local tv network. Nice thing with dish was we can do that. I can get a vcr dvd combo but was looking for cheaper price. Would the am 21 pick up the subchannels.. So far so good cool thing is i can watcth tv on ipad. Hope this makes sense max..
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Yes, the AM21 can record the subchannels. However not all subchannels are in the database that is used by Directv.
That I am not sure of, but I am sure someone that knows will chime in. What model DVR do you have? I have heard that the HR34 can scan the channels. Other DVD do not have that feature, and use the database.
Just found this post on the Directv technical forums by litzdog911.

Two things need to happen before your HR20 will see this new subchannel ....

The station must provide their new subchannel information to Tribune News Services. That's where DirecTV gets their channel database and Guide Data. Check Tribune's site at http://www.zap2it.com to see if the station is listed there.
Once the subchannel is added to Tribune's database, DirecTV must add that information to the database and Guide Data used by the DVR/Receivers. Unfortunately DirecTV is getting much more restrictive here, supposedly due to database capacity and performance issues with so many new subchannels around the country. Be sure to email DirecTV directly and keep your fingers crossed.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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