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Question on confirmation email

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Hey all, hopefully this is a simple question for my first post. I have an install set for this coming Friday the 19th. I ordered Top100, BronzeHD, Locals with 2 dual tuner receivers, one being a DVR. I ordered with DishBuilder online. There was a glitch in the order process and I ended up chatting with a CSR online to confirm my order had gone through. He confirmed that it had and mentioned I would be getting a 722 and 322.

I received my confirmation email shortly after and here is what it said:

Selected Programming: AMERICA'S TOP 100

Equipment: 110/119 ORBIT
D1000+ KIT


Nothing about a 722. Is the 722 included in the "D1000+ kit", or will the installer show up without the proper equipment. I assume a call to customer service is in order, but I thought I'd check here first. Thanks in advance.
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When I had my install scheduled, the only thing they got right was my billing address. They had me down for 1 Standard DVR and one non DVR tuner (I ordered 1 Standard DVR and one HD DVR), they had my programming package wrong (I ordered Top 250, they had me down for Top 200) and they had my install date and time all wrong. I would call back to confirm, or do the online chat and copy and save it to a word document before closing the window.

That should say "110/119/118.7/129 ORBIT" if you're getting a 1000+ dish, and obviously your 722 should be on there.

I would call right now and get it straightened out. Your installer will thank you, and you won't need to reschedule.
I called them today and had him tell me what he had in the system for my order. Everything he read back to me was correct, both the equipment and package I ordered. Don't know why the email didn't reflect that information, but I guess I'm in good shape for the install.
You are never in good shape until you have what you want installed and working and it is right. ;)

I don't want to scare you, but the installers are usually independent, even if they say they work for dish. They have been known to have many varied excuses for not doing what the buyer thought they were gonna do.

Just hang in there, and don't let someone screw you. Insist on getting what you ordered and want to have. Make them come back a lot of times without you paying a penny more for the install.
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