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Question on ESPNU

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Hi all,

I just purchased ESPNU about a week ago for the college basketball games. I have tuned in about 3 nights, including tonight, and every game and ads, etc. are all SD - I have not seen a single HD channel broadcast. I am looking at around channels 720-723. Am I looking in the right place, or is this just SD since it's usually smaller college broadcasts? If it's SD only I am going to cancel...

Thanks for your help!
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Oops you are right Joe, I meant Full Court.

Thanks for the reply. As a result, I called DTV just now. That's ridiculous in 2012 to have a premium sports channel that's all SD. I told them I was cancelling and would like a full refund. They told me to check for it on my account in 72 hours, it would be removed and refunded!

Thanks for your help.
Thanks. I see some but not all of the games are on ESPN3 on the Internet also.
Just to follow up, I got an email confirming a credit of $110 on my account just now!
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