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Question on the new genie

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Does anyone know if the Genie will support ota on the am 21 and which receivers support the am 21 thanks Max..
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The am21 works with the HR34.
There has been questions on wether or not Dtv supports it
but it does work with my HR34. There is a known bug in current
HR34 software that the AM21 will not power off, but that has not affected
anything in my setup!
To expand on what Iceman2a has said. The AM21 does work with the HR34 and there are a number of people on this forum with both that are very happy with how it works since it actually scans for what channels it can receive and adds all of them to your guide. If a channel that it receives does not match a channel in the guide info then it just fills that channel's line-up with half hour blocks of "scheduled programming" or something like that instead of the actual name and description of the shows that are airing on that channel. Most of us agree this is much nicer than how the HR21-HR24 units work with the AM21, where if a channel is not in the DirecTV database it doesn't even get added to your guide, and you can't even tune to it even though your antenna may have good enough reception for the channel to work fine with another tuner, like the one built into your TV.

The issue seems to be that DirecTV has not updated their computer system to show that the AM21 does in fact work with the HR34. That means that when the CSR's on the phone look up info on it they are incorrectly informed that they don't work together, and tell people that. It also means that if an HR34 is the only HD receiver on your account the DirecTV ordering system will not allow a CSR to order one for you. If the HR34 is the only HD receiver on your account then you will have to buy the AM21 from another vendor like Solid Signal, Amazon, etc.
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K thx from what i have been reading the genie willsupport am21 was going to upgrade to the hopper but may just get the genie will see.
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