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Question: Peaking 99(c) on a Slimline5

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Had my first non self-installed dish put up two days ago, the 5LNB Slimline. Up until then, I'd purchased, installed and setup my own systems which included mounting and aligning dishes. The Slimline's replaced a Phase III unit. An HSP (Ironwood) tech installed and aligned the new dish.

I'm seeing readings on 101 anywhere from mid 80's to mid 90's with a couple 60's and one zero.

99(c) on screen readings are in the middle 70's to low 80's.

On my previous self installs, I was able to peak 101 at 100 on many TP's; the lowest numbers were in the low 90's, nothing lower than that.

With that said, here's my question:

Being the dish is roughly aligned and receiving (okay) signal strength from those sat's I'm concerned with, primarily 99(c) and 101, what specific fine tuning adjustment can I make to peak out 99(c)? Also, will the peaking of 99(c) necessarily increase the readings I'm seeing on 101 and bring those numbers back in line with figures I'd been receiving with my previous dish (high 90's and plenty of 100's).

Adjustments will be made via onscreen readings i.e., without the use of a meter.

My receiver's an HR21-200 (for some reason, the receiver's audible satellite signal strength tone is not working which would make things a little bit easier as I'm by my lonesome this weekend).

Location (for satellite considerations): Sacramento, California
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Yes, slight peaking of AZ and EL will yield higher readings. Peak 99c or 103c and 101 should read higher also. Ideal 99/103 levels are high 80s to mid 90s. Hard to get those up too 100.
The tone is a software thing, nothing wrong with the box.
Consult one of the countless other threads for instructions.
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