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just a few questions, if there are some good resources feel free to point me to them.

1) My Zenith TV (a little older now) only supports 540i and 540p and 1080i (through component). I assume regular 480 ST TV gets automatically up converted to the 540. Since my TV doesn't do 740, I set that option off on the directv receiver. Will that limit me on any HD broadcasts? Or am I fine, or should I turn the 740 feature on and I guess my tv will upconvert to 1080i??

2) My TV is also a 4:3 ratio TV, so I set that option on the directv receiver. Is all HD programming set in 16:9? I see some shows on my guide say letterbox when they are HD, but it doesn't look like all show letterbox.

3) Should my programming be "letterboxed" twice? For example for a HD program I see that the TV is is letterboxing and then the Receiver is also doing a smaller letterbox inside of that unless I choose to do "strech" mode.

4) My TV has some settings also that I am not sure if I should mess with, it has 4 differet "aspect" ratio settings that don't specifically say what they are, but look like they do the letterboxing, crop, etc. It also has a "tru-HD" setting who knows what that means, but I try to set it on that when I watch HD. Do I need to be concerned with changing these settings when I switch from ST to HD, or is this suppsed to be more automatic?

Thanks so much for any of these questions answered.
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