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What specific features require an internet connection? On Demand and Media Share only?

I read a few posts where some say that their HR-21 gets sluggish when connected to their network. Can anyone confirm this? I'm not sure features like On Demand are worth it if it affects the everyday use of my DVR.

Does each DVR need its own network connection in order to access these services?

What about PPV movies and specials? I am unable to connect a phone line to my DVRs because I have VOIP (so I was told by the installer). Is a network connection required to get PPV or does that come direct from the satellite (after ordering online).


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A network/internet connection is needed for DoD (DIRECTV on Demand), Media Share, conformation when using remote booking, and it will be needed when MRV (Multi Room Viewing) is added and it will needed for PC Playback. A internet connection will also allow you to order PPV with the remote without having a phone line connected.

As for it slowing down the unit I am not sure because my units have always been connected to my network and internet.

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There are likely to be other features added which will use an internet connection. Some of the "cutting edge" software releases support getting a daily fortune, which is more in the "cute" category than useful, but is probably a test for something more substantial coming later.

I didn't notice any speed issues after connecting to my network that weren't there before (and those have improved with software updates).
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