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Questions about Vip612

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I am getting a New Install Tommorow and have a few questions about the HD DVR Vip612. First of all can this record 2 sat and one OTA at the same time, 2nd can it record 2 OTA at the same time, 3rd can you use an External HD to expand the recording space and if so can these EHD's be moved from one DVR to the other to watch shows in diff rooms. What EHD's are recommended ?

I have been with Directv for 12 years so Dish is Very New to me. I know everyone has an opinion of which they think is best so I will leave that alone :) but is there anything special I need to look for during the install. Also for those that have had both Directv and Dish how does the 612 compare to the HR2#'s that Directv have. I think I read that the 612 cannot be networked, am I missing much due to this ?

Thx in advance
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The 612 can record up to three HD programs at the same time just like the 622 and 722, 2 satellite and one OTA.

Yes, the 612 can use the EHD option just like the 622/722. I use a Thermaltake Blacx SATA HDD USB Docking station with internal SATA drives that plug into it (currently alternating 3 250GB SATA drives). Others use self contained EHD's (see a whole thread on options there).
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