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Quick Question - Owned HR-20?

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A few months back I got an offer for a 'free' install of an HD-DVR (HR-20-100 refurb'd) to replace the HR10 that I owned. It was installed and gave me enough problems over the next few weeks until I'd had it and called for a replacement.
A tech brought me a new HR21-100, installed it and all has been fairly satisfactory since. As he left, he told me he'd have D* sent me a "recovery kit" so I could return the old DVR.
A month or so goes by and no recovery kit, so I call D* today and tell the CSR what's up. He takes the Rcvr ID and tells me that I don't have to return it - I own the box. . . upon further checking he also tells me that the new HR21 is a leased box - which is what I thought they ALL were, including the original HR20.
So is this correct? That means I can open the box up and play with it, or use it as a door stop, sell it on eBay, etc. . . right?
Inquiring minds want to know . . . :confused:
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I'd call again and ask the status of that HR20.
I'd double check that. Maybe even call 3-4 times. It's not uncommon for a CSR to get something wrong.
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