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jwjensen356 said:
After a lot of reboots (and prompting from my wife), I called DN about this. More walking me through the steps with the Advanced Tech and they finally said someone would be by this afternoon. He took a look at the screen and heard my story and immediately pulled a new 722K from his truck (I think he did not want to fool with the 722) and it was a successful setup. But then I found that there is no OTA capability. That is important to me because there are a lot of digital sub-channels here in the SF Bay Area. It looks like another 10 days or so but my wife is no longer growling about the TV.


When a installer replaces a receiver their supposed to replace it with one that works like the other one you need to contact that installer(or DISH) and have him come out and fix your problem.Good Luck!:)
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