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R-10 - No Locals

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Last week I upgraded an R-10 to an HR21. I subsequently moved the R-10 to a guest bedroom yesterday. After hooking it up, at which time it came on and was working fine, I went ahead and did a reset & restart. I just wanted to clear out all of the season pass info and old recordings, etc.

After the 1 1/2 it took to reset, I went back in to finish the setup and set my channels in preparation for a guest that would be using it last night. The only problem is that no channels below 100 are appearing in the channel list or the guide. I am drawing a complete blank on this one.

Some extra info: I have it set to 3 LNB, I am receiving 96-100 on all 3 sats. I only have 1 sat feed going into it since I didn't have a second one run and it only gets used once every 4-6 months for a week at a time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Try doing a refresh at directv.com -
or call and have them reauthorize the receiver, I have had this happen before with a R10.
OK, no refresh needed. I got home and the local channels were all there. Must have just needed to update overnight with the guide info.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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