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Software Release:
R15-100 x1029
R15-300 x105F
R15-500 x10FA

The contents in black, are from R15-500 x10F1
The contents in blue, are additions in this release

  • Stability issues related to 40+ Series Links
  • Numerous stability corrections
  • GUI Performance

  • MyVod is now called MyPlaylist
  • Quick Delete (DASH-DASH) in MyPlaylist will no longer jump back to the top of the MyVod list. It will stay in the same group, or go to the next item in the list.
  • Tuner 1 will always be enabled, so the unit can be used to peek dish allignment and allow users to playback recordings when no sat signal is detected.
  • Improved trickplay performance
  • Improved logic to distinguish first runs over repeats
  • Favorites remain after reboot
  • Please Wait OSD will appear quicker when a process is taking a long time. (vs the system appearing to be frozen and unresponsive)
  • Various GUI Changes/Updates

New Features
  • One Touch Record settings can now be used on a show that is currently airing. First click will start to record the program; Second Click will set that program up as a Series Link (and it will continue to record the current airing episode)
  • Series Link Setup/Settings are now in a dedicated menu option. They are no longer a 2nd tab under the record menu.
  • Record options seperated into two distinct windows (no longer tabed) (See HR20's discussion thread for screen images: Here)
  • Hold the Jump Back button for 3 seconds, and the playback will jump to the start of the recording/buffer

Known Issues with release
  • There are no known issues with this release

  • Check your Series Link settings. The software update may have changed them to BOTH. This is not a BUG, but due to the changes they made in the scheduler, some SL's where updated to comply with the new algorithms.

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