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R15-300 Data to a HR21? Is it possible

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Hey all I new, but rather stumped. I have a ton of videos on my r15 (well backyardigans that is lol) that I dont want to lose,

but I also want to upgrade to my new HD dvr is there anyway to transfer the data from my R15 to the Hr21?

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RobertE said:
I like that. Short and sweet. But not a very nice reply to a new DBSTALK.COM participant....

None of the DirecTV DVR's can exchange recordings between them yet. This is sometimes referred to as MRV (multi-room viewing). This option MAY be added in the future to the R22 or HR2X series as they have networking capability, but it is very unlikely that recordings on an R15 will ever be transferrable to another DVR.

PS: Welcome to DBSTALK.COM!!! (not you, RobertE) :rolleyes:
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