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R15-300 just died?!?!?!? Any chance of getting this back?

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Ok so here is the deal...I just spent 60 min on the phone with "advanced technical support" and they say there is nothing I can do...we are sending you a new box for free. Knowing there are people on here that no doubt have more knoledge than the tech support I figured I would pose the question here since I am a bit ticked off that I am loosing like 24 hours of recorded shows half of which I hadn't watched yet.

Here is what happened. I was watching a DVR event...3 in a row in fact. Show ends I hit stop and it jumps out to the screen where it asks if you want keep, delete etc. I notice that the box in the upper right of the screen is black but there is audio from whatever show is on the last channel viewed. I hit done and Exit from the DVR list. Black screen with audio. I hit menu, setup and reset (the first one, just the receiver). Everything shuts off as it should, and then I get a blue screen saying it was starting up...then another that says almost there please be patient...then a black screen and quickly to a snowy screen. So I go to my box and hit the red button. Same series, two blues, black and then snow. I try shutting the box off with the remote...nope...with the button on the box...nope. Call DTV (check your cables blah blah blah) get to advanced tech...ok lets format the HD. Hit rest wait for the black screen and then hold record and down arrow for 15 sec. Record light never comes on. So the tech wants to try it with RCA cables...fine...we do it again and the same thing happens. So they basically say the box is toast we will send you a new one for free (well duh) and credit your account the DVR fee for the month (woopee $5 yea that makes up for all the shows I just lost and the hour of my time lost...and the fact that I can't watch TV in my living room.)

So anyone here want to take a crack at this one? Am I really toast? Any way to get my shows off the HD?

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Had this same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was a fluke. Do the red button reset and when you see the blue screen, press and hold the Power button. If the power is not on it goes back to the snow screen. Worked for me and I didn't lose anything, even though I first tried a reformat. Good Luck!
Um yea but then what?

I hit the reset button and when the blue screen came up I hit the power button and it did shut off (I wasn't able to do this before), but powering back up just gets me back to a snowy screen.

Do I need to do something once the power is off?
Reset then maybe?
Just keep pressing the power button over and over until it stays on. I thought maybe pressing and holding would keep it on, but when I thought about it, I had been pushing the button multiple times to keep the power on. Good Luck!
Well when I power it down using your method and then hit the power button again it just gets me back to the blue screen.
I was pressing it really fast and it eventually went through the normal reset process. Just keep trying. I wish I could tell you exactly what I did. At the time I was desperate and just pressing the power button over and over to see if it would do something different.
I may try that tomorrow...or not I don't know. I just gave it a shot and it would either not turn on or if it did it would go right to the blue screen I had from before. This time when I was doing it nothing was happening until I hit the rest button again and then it got me back into the same loop.

I am going to let it sit over night and see what happens tomorrow. Thanks for the input.

Anyone else got another thought? Something I noticed is there is no noise unless I press and hold the reset button...if I do that I can here a fan come on but it goes off once I let go of the reset button.
Grasschopper said:
Earl, any help here?
This sceario has happened to me twice. Both times they've sent "free" replacements of the R15 to me then tried to bill me for $129 two weeks later. When the third unit in six months did this five weeks ago I gave up and bought a used R10 TiVo from eBay. Not a problem of any kind since. Changing out the box does nothing, it's the worthless software that runs it that can't perform even the most basic functions of a DVR with any dependability.
Note...I also informed the CSR that I'd spent over $20 buying lost shows (from the re-formats) from iTunes and that was credited to my account after some haggling. Stand your ground...you deserve to either have a product that works as advertised for the money you're paying them each month, or at least reasonable compensation if they can't deliver the former.
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