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R15-300 New or Refurbished?

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I just found this site and I'm so glad, I thought maybe I was the only one who was having crazy problems with the R15-300, software 104B.

I am on my second R15-300, within 2 months of installation I had problems with the first one (numerous resets, not recording, etc) and DTV sent the installer out and they talked them into sending me a new box - not a refurbished one. It has worked great for about 3 months, then the same problems, the worst was not recording programs I asked it to. I called DTV and they said they would send me another box.

I then found this site with all the information on it and realized that it wasn't just me having problems and there were some solutions. I reformatted my box and and it is working great (as good as it ever did). I have received the new box and don't know whether I should used the one the sent me or the one I have.

Is there a way you can tell if the replacement box is a refurbished one or a new one?
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It should have a "refurbished" sticker on the bottom, although not all do, and the box would probably have been a more basic shipping box.

Also, the refurb standard receiver I got had a photocopied owner's manual with it.

By the way, welcome to the site! We have 3 R15s and have had no problems to speak of.
No one can really advise you with any certainty on that--it is a toss-up, crapshoot kind of thing.

If it were in MY house (and remember, this is based on MY thoughts,) I would try the new one for a few days and see how it worked. If it didn't work, I would call D* and say "Good think I didn't send the other one back yet, because the new one you sent is messing up." If it worked to my satisfaction, I'd send the old one back.

I think you have ten days to send it back, don't you?
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