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R15 - Constant Reboots

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Looks like my R15 finally died.

Using DVR's for a total of 4 years or so. Previously used Ultimate TV and loved it.

Switched to DirectDVR R15 and immeadiately noticed that it was not up to par with my 'old' Ultimate TV. R15 has been out for about a year now and still have not noticed any major changes to make this device better/faster. I give it a 5 out of a 10 compaired to 9 out of 10 for my UTV. But life goes on and I am stuck with it. I just don't have high expectations of it.

Last week. The R15 started locking up so I powered it off and powered it back on. From there all it does is reboot. Gets to the 'Welcome to DirecTV screen please wait' and then it reboots. Called DTV and they had me format the drive (Press reset button and then hold the REC and Down arrow). But this did not work. DTV is now sending me a new one for $20 (Shipping cost).

Over all I give DTV a 9 out of 10 for part replacement and customer service. I was expecting to have to pay full price again. Which I wouldn't have.

I would expect that 1 year is enough to work out bugs and apply new enhancements to make this thing better but I guess not.

Anyways, just letting you guys know just incase someone else runs into this situation.

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I just received another R15 (Refurb) from DTV today. My previous one that I posted about was an R15-500. This one is an R15-300. I asked what the difference was and the service rep said that that the 300 model is a newer version (same storage etc). She advised they worked out some of the bugs from the 500 (even though with what I have read the 300 has some issues also).

Anyways, so far so good with the R15-300. I dig the remote though. Looks like the R15-500's big brother. I guess they got a lot of complaints about the small buttons with the previous remote.
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