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R15 - Constant Reboots

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Looks like my R15 finally died.

Using DVR's for a total of 4 years or so. Previously used Ultimate TV and loved it.

Switched to DirectDVR R15 and immeadiately noticed that it was not up to par with my 'old' Ultimate TV. R15 has been out for about a year now and still have not noticed any major changes to make this device better/faster. I give it a 5 out of a 10 compaired to 9 out of 10 for my UTV. But life goes on and I am stuck with it. I just don't have high expectations of it.

Last week. The R15 started locking up so I powered it off and powered it back on. From there all it does is reboot. Gets to the 'Welcome to DirecTV screen please wait' and then it reboots. Called DTV and they had me format the drive (Press reset button and then hold the REC and Down arrow). But this did not work. DTV is now sending me a new one for $20 (Shipping cost).

Over all I give DTV a 9 out of 10 for part replacement and customer service. I was expecting to have to pay full price again. Which I wouldn't have.

I would expect that 1 year is enough to work out bugs and apply new enhancements to make this thing better but I guess not.

Anyways, just letting you guys know just incase someone else runs into this situation.

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Same here. the more research i do, i am learning this is commonplace. I am deeply frustrated by the circumstances. I switched over from dish to direct tv, choosing them over my local cable subscriber because of the free DVR. Turns out, the thing is a hunk of dung. The first thing i attempted to record was only partially succesful. i had waited all week to watch the show and it never finished. i can make many analogies here but will spare you. i then hemmed and hawed with customer support , argued for and was told i would recive a rebate (wich they never made good on) and finally got them to send me another box. it was so bad that i couldn't watch more than 15 minutes of programming with out the darn thing freezing. reboot, reboot, reboot..... any way, the new box comes, works for a month, and is now doing the same thing. they admit its a known problom with a fix two months down the pipeline, at least thats been thier story for four months now. no end in site to this problem as i see it.

I feel abused and violated. i was sold on a product that they cannot provide and now im locked into a 2 year agreement with these jerks. In my eyes the scenerio is fraudulant, but im not a lawyer.... i just cant undersatnd how these guys can get away with this... they are still advertising and selling this product that they know doesn't work, yet i've seen no real outcry or uproar about it. what the hell is going on?

i never would have chosen direct tv if it werent for the dvr, now im stuck with either no tv or endless hours on the phone with tech supprt... reboot, unplug this, etc... i want revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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