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weattv said:
Apologies if this is answered elsewhere, but I can't find "difficulty starting up" on a search.

The message --

"Your receiver is having difficulty starting up. To assist start up, unplug the receiver for 1 minute and then plug it back in" --

showed up on our R15 after a thunderstorm a few days ago. (Our HR20 was also knocked out but came back on OK.)

After replugging, this message (which has shown up before) appears --

"Checking the disk... please wait. This may take up to 30 minutes. Do not reset or power down the receiver."

After a while, the first message always reappears, & the cycle repeats.

I'm reluctant for countless reasons to call DirecTV. There's probably much better advice here. E.g., DirecTV might suggest using the red reset button. We lost 100 hours of HD programming on our HR20-100's e-SATA drive by following that advice.

If the R15 won't run, can the programs be retrieved & even put it back on the R15's drive after a reformat, e.g. (in case the data won't play unless associated with this R15 -- as on the HR20's)? We really want the things not yet archived.

Any suggestions? Thanks
First suggestion invest in a good DVD recorder because hard drives go bad and I believe yours already did.Unplug the R15 overnight then after that if the R15 will not get past the blue screen call DirecTV for a replacement.You have lost all your recordings.Sorry.:(

P.S. Merg that's Reformattor.OY!;)

If for some reason you want to try to Reformat here's how.Push the Red button behind the door where the access card is.When you see the first blue screen push the Record button and Down Arrow at the same time on the R15 for 15 seconds.The record light should come on showing the R15 is Reformatting.Your will lose all Recordings and Favorites Lists.Good Luck!:)

P.S.S. To verify that your R15 did Reformat in System Info your new software number will become your original software number.:sure:
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