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R16 super slow input response

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Just got a "free" R16-300 as an upgrade unit. First tried hooking it up to my iMac via EyeTV. I got a picture just fine but then the remote stopped working as did the front panel buttons. No response from menu or guide although it continued dipslaying the picture.

So thinking maybe it was an issue with EyeTV (though no idea how it could be since it was analog out to EyeTV) I moved it to a standard TV. Get some response but it is SUPER slow when it does respond whether via remote or the front panel buttons. Sometimes get no response at all.

Of course I will call DirecTV back but since I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes today already to no avail, I thought maybe some online research was in order.

I searched the forum and didn't see this issue but maybe I missed it?

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If you haven't yet, go ahead and perform an RBR (Red Button Reset). A lot of times, that has solved sluggish input issues.

Also, was the input response sluggish from the get-go or did it happen after a while?

- Merg
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