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R22-100: 0x0251 - Issues Only

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R22-100: 0x0251
Staggered release began 7/9/08.

Release notes:


Remember, of course... please keep all posts to issues only. If you have no issues, or simply want to discuss other issues related to this release, please use the discussion thread.

We ask that you keep polite and focused within this thread, and post as much detail as possible. If your receiver is set up for network issue reporting, please post the key generated by the receiver.

Being part of the DBSTalk community means working together to help each other document issues and come up with solutions. While everyone gets upset from time to time, this is not the appropriate place for vents or rants.

All off-topic posts and discussion will be deleted.

Please continue to submit all examples of black or gray recordings: http://www.iamanedgecutter.com/Projects/BGRecordings and use the diagnostic reporting tool. DIRECTV is still focusing on eradicating them with our help. Thanks!
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Issues to be tested...

1. Audio Media Share Issue: Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
While playing a slide show with music, I decided to play a recorded show. When I selected the show and hit Play, it started to play the show, but the audio was still the music that I had playing from the slide show. I used the Green button to have it display the audio info and then hit Stop to stop the music. At that point, I had no audio at all. If I hit the Green button to toggle between audio/video information as allowed in Media Share, it allows me to select which language audio track to use, but still does not play any audio. It obviously knew that I was no longer using Media Share then, but would not play the TV audio. I had to hit Exit to go back to LiveTV and then replay the show from my PlayList.

2. TrickPlay Issue/LiveTV Pause Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
Exited out of a recording and trickplay functions were not available. This is related to the Pause issue when exiting a recording. No trickplay functions will work for about 15 seconds after coming out a recording. You also cannot pause LiveTV for about 15 seconds after changing channels.

3. LiveTV Pause Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When changing the channel and starting over with the buffer and in LiveTV, hitting Pause will pause the show right away. When you hit Play it will jump back a few seconds. If you have been watching in the Live Buffer and catch up to LiveTV, hitting Pause will jump back a few seconds right away and pause. When you hit Play, it will playback normally. If you hit Pause while in the Live Buffer or a recording playback, the Pause function works as expected.

4. Series List Recording Issue: Cannot Replicate
Initially Reported: 0x022D
Set it to record a SL for DEA last night. After the reboot for a DL, it changed to record a 10am showing today instead of the midnight showing. While in the SL viewing the episodes, I clicked on the 10am showing to remove the R)) icon and then double-clicked on the midnight show to re-add the R)) icon. I did not check my ToDo list at that time to see what was scheduled. This morning, I found it recording the 10am showing of DEA. The ToDo list does not show an entry for the midnight showing. It had also updated the Prioritizer to show that there were 3 Upcoming Episodes now.

5. Recording History Issue (Recording Permissions): Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
Went viewing the history to see what was going on with DEA, I noticed a couple of interesting entries. It listed the 10am showing of DEA, which it was currently recording, as Deleted. When I selected that entry, the comments stated "This episode was deleted due to its recording permissions. (1002)". No idea why that would be there.

6. On Demand Issue (Channel Title):
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When viewing a listing of shows available on Channel 1000, the column that displays the channel the show is from is not big enough. This causes the titles for multiple channels to be cut off. This could easily be fixed by displaying "NR" for "No Rating" and making the rating column smaller.

7. On Demand Issue (PIG Flicker):
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When selecting the green/red button to change channels while on Channel 1000, the PIG flickers on every channel change.

8. RW/Jumpback Issue & 30 Second Skip Issue: Partially Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When selecting the jumpback button the picture freezes for a moment while the audio begins at the jumpback spot. After the slight picture freeze, the video then completes the jumpback. The audio and video are still synched after the video completes the jumpback. This also occurs when hitting Play after RWing. There is also a hesitation for the video starting when using Skip Forward with 30 Second Skip. The audio starts playing before the video and then the video catches up.

Update: I noticed that when using Jumpback from LiveTV, the audio/video are both synched as soon as it performs the jumpback, but there is a slight delay for the jumpback to occur. When performing the Jumpback while in the Live Buffer, the audio still starts playing back before the video begins.

9. Recording Settings Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
In creating an SL, I selected a show from the Guide and selected Record Series. The confirmation came on and stated that All Episodes will be recorded. My Recording Settings Defaults are set so that only First Runs are recorded.

10. Record Series via Selecting Show:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
This was another example of how when creating a SL, your Recording Settings Defaults are ignored. When searching for a show or selecting it via the Guide, you select Record Series. By selecting Record Series and not just Record on the one episode that was returned or in the Guide, it should have followed my Recording Settings Defaults, which it did not as they were set up for First Run. Even though the episode used to create the SL was a repeat, it is marked as scheduled to record even though the SL is set for First Run.

11. Prioritizer/Episode List Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
Looking in my Prioritizer, it shows Monk and others (L&O: CI and L&O: SVU) as having "None Scheduled". When performing a Search, there are multiple upcoming episodes, only all repeats. When I selected Monk in the Prioritizer, I only got the Record Settings screen as if there were no upcoming episodes. I should have had the Episodes menu option to allow me to see that there were "0 First Run/xx Total Episodes".

12. Cancel This/Cancel Series Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
I checked out the new "Cancel This/Cancel Series feature" and it does work. One issue I noticed though is that when choosing to cancel it only stops the recording and does not delete it, thus leaving you with a partial recording. It might be better if they combined the "Stop and Keep/Delete" prompt with the "Cancel Series" choice.

13. Skip-to-Tick Issue: Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
You can now skip-to-tick to the beginning and end of a show. Previously, the start and end of a show were not counted as a tick mark.

14. Recorded Show Channel Bar Issue: Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When watching a recorded show, if you select More Info from the Channel Bar and then select Done, the information shown on the Channel Bar when the screen exits is the show that is currently playing on the channel that the recorded show was from. It does not show the information for the recorded show.

15. Checking Satellite Settings Screen Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
Exit button does not work when on the "Checking Satellite Settings" screen like it does on other receivers.

16. Parental Control Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When selecting to Block Adult Channels in the Parental Controls, it will also block any title with a rating of TV-MA. As there is a separate setting for blocking shows via rating, the Block Adult Channels setting should only block/remove channels that have been designated as an Adult Channel (593-598) and the Players Channel VoD. If you have your ratings set to allow shows of TV-MA, you can still tune to those shows even though they appear in the Guide as "Blocked Title".

17. PlayList Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When finished watching a recorded showing or selecting List while watching a recording, the PlayList appears with the topmost item in the list highlighted. It should automatically select the current show that is being watched or has just ended. If the show is part of a group, the group should automatically be expanded and the current show selected.

18. Remote Control Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
I am using my Samsung HCM5525W HD-Ready TV with my R22. I found a code that allowed me to control the TV Input menu and select inputs via that menu while on the DirecTV setting of the remote. Since upgrading to 0x022B, I can still bring up the TV Input menu via the Input button, but I can no longer select a different input. If I slide the switch to TV, I can then choose an input method. I don't know why this would have changed after the upgrade.

19. FF/RW Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When on FF2 or RW2, the picture is very choppy. On the R15, the FF2 and RW2 appear to be a lot smoother. This makes it more difficult to determine when you want to hit Play to get out of FF or RW causing more instances in which you then need to hit FF or RW again to get to the correct spot desired.

20. Delete From PlayList Issue: Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
After finishing watching a recording, I hit List before the Delete prompt appeared. I highlighted the show in the PlayList and use the Red button to delete the show. After confirming the deletion, the PIG disappeared although there was a light-colored line delineating where the PIG should be. The deleted show was still in the PlayList and the screen just sat there. When I hit Exit, all text graphics on the screen disappeared leaving me with just the background of the PlayList to include the DirecTV logo. No other keypresses would work. After about 2 minutes, the screen turned grey, the PIG appeared with the LiveTV, and the PlayList reappeared.

21. Sluggish Delete From PlayList Issue: Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
This might be related to the above issue, but I noticed that when deleting a recording from the PlayList, there seems to be a greater time than before in performing the deletion. The PIG definitely turns grey for a noticeable moment and before it starts playing LiveTV.

22. Recording Pixelation: Possibly Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
There seems to be an increase in random pixelation in recordings. This is occuring when there were no weather issues to speak of and the same recording on a R15-300 does not have the pixelation. The pixelation lasts for usually no more than 30 seconds to 1 minute. There have also been some audio synch issues that are quickly corrected with the use of TrickPlay features.

23. Reduced Picture Quality: Possibly Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
Some users are reporting a reduction in picture quality when using S-video or composite connections compared to the same connections from an R15. This might be a hardware related issue.

24. Caller ID Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When a software update is performed, caller ID has a tendency to stop working for some users. In order to try to get it to work again, the user needs to Turn Off Caller ID notices in Menu, go into System Info & Test and run Test
once. If Phone says OK, Turn On Caller ID notices in Menu.

25. Media Share Issue (Error Message): Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x022D
When Media Share cannot connect to the server, the initial error message that appears states, "Unable to access media. .". As you can see, there is an extra space and period at the end of the message.

Update: It now displays the song that it was not able to access before the second period. It also came up with a message that stated "Grabbing content..." and then continued on in trying to play media until it found an audio track that would play. Awesome!

26. Media Share Issue (Not Connecting Consistently):
Initially Reported: 0x022D
I have been having the issue recently that when I try to access media, I will repeatedly get the "Unable to access..." message, which eventually turns into the "Cannot connect to server..." message. If I keep trying though, it will eventually connect. This happens with both audio and photos. I am currently using TVersity connected via hardwire through a WRT54GS router.

27. Start Late Bug:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
Confirmed an issue that ThomasM posted in another thread. The R22 appears to start recording later than its fellow R15. I recorded Lost on both the R22-100 and the R15-300. When playing back Lost on the R22, it appears to start about a minute or two after the R15 recording. On the R15, I have the end of the previews for next week's Grey's Anatomy, but on the R22 the recording starts right after the beginning of the show. If you try to rewind the recording on the R22, you can actually back up before the starting point of the recording and see the missed part of the show.

With the HR2x series, there was/is an issue of recordings appearing to start late. I believe it was attributed to the fact of the DVR switching resolutions or a lag with HDMI, but that is obviously not the case here as we cannot change resolutions and I am not using HDMI. This issue appears to show its face when recording shows back-to-back on the same channel and viewing the second show recorded.

28. Prev Bonk Issue:
Initially Reported: 0x022F
When using the Prev Button to go from a recording back to LiveTV and the recording is from the same channel that is also on LiveTV, you get the bonk error sound even though it does take you back to LiveTV. The error sound does not occur if you are watching a recording from a different channel that is on LiveTV or if you go from LiveTV back to a recording.

29. Record OSD Setting:
Initially Reported: 0x0245
CE:02 references a setting in the System Setup Display option to turn on/off an OSD tip when selecting to record a show from the Guide. The tip now appears when selecting to record a show, but the option to turn off that OSD tip is no where to be found.

Update: It has been verified that this menu option is present on the HR2x series, but not the R22.

30. Pause Unsticks after Network Test:
Initially Reported: 0x0245
I had a recorded program on pause and ran the network test. While the test was performed the PIG turned all black. When the test completed, my recorded show reappeared in the PIG, but it started to play the recording (and even showed the little play icon in the PIG). I had to hit Pause again to stop the playback. I assume the same would happen if you were pausing LiveTV.

31. Popup Menu Doesn't Indicate Additional Items: Not Tested
Initially Reported: 0x0245
When using the POKEEYENOW keyword to get the Daily Fortune, I found it was not appearing. It turns out the Fortune was listed on the popup menu, but I could not see it as I was also using MediaShare. When MediaShare is enabled, the popup menu is at its max length to displaying items. You need to scroll down below Parental Settings/Setup to see the menu option for the Daily Fortune. There is no indication on the popup menu that there are additional selections available below what is shown.

32. Channel Banner Displays Last Recorded Show on Channel Change: Corrected
Initially Reported: 0x0245
After watching a recorded program and using Stop to return to LiveTV and then changing the channel via selecting it from the Guide, the Channel Banner displays the info from the recorded program before changing it to the info for the show on the selected channel.

33. Recorded Playback Grey Screen After Widget Access: Not Tested
Initially Reported: 0x0245
While watching a recorded show when Widgets are accessed by hitting the right arrow key, the playback turns to a grey screen although the audio continues to play. Even after exiting Widgets, the grey screen continues. In order to correct the issue, you need to exit the playback and go back into it. This does not occur when watching LiveTV or while watching the Live Buffer.

34. Channel Banner Information Incorrect:
Initially Reported: 0x0247
Was watching a show that ended so another show began. I went into the Guide and selected a show from another channel. The Channel Banner appeared and for a moment displayed the information for the show that had ended before switching over to the information for the new channel. This issue also occurs when hitting the Info button after one show ends and another begins. This might be related to the previous Channel Banner issue that was reported and corrected.

35. Showcases Not Deleted After Expiration:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
The Showcases appear to be listed with the items in reverse order by expiration date. Yet, I have a Welcome Showcase that is listed as expiring on 12/31, which I assume was for 2007 since it is at the bottom of the list. I also have a French Open Day 7 Showcase that is listed by the date and time it downloaded (06/02) so it will not delete itself. It does have the little warning icon next to it as if it is nearing its expiration (as does another showcase that is expiring on 07/06), but this showcase will not go away.

36. Non-HD Options Not Available:
Initially Reported: 0x022D
This might be a Wish List item, but I am including it here as it is preventing access to functionality that should be available. All non-HD functions need to be removed from the HD menu as this menu option is greyed out on the R22. This would include the ability to change the default format to either 4:3 or 16:9, the format resolution between 480i and 480p, and also the ability to change the channel background color from grey to black.

37. Non-Applicable HD Messages Being Shown:
Initially Reported: 0x024D
When hitting Guide for the first time after receiving this version, the user is shown a message about how they can hide SD duplicates of HD channels. This message is not applicable to the user as the R22 is a SD receiver. On a related note, when viewing the System Info page, the settings from the HD menu are displayed even though none of those options are accessible to the R22 user.

38. Incorrect Search Results (No Episode Title):
Initially Reported: 0x0250
When performing a search on a show of a show using Recent Searches, the results list episodes of the shows by their show title as opposed to their episode title. Performing a title search of the show results in the listing of the show by its episode title.

39. Incorrect Search Results (Recorded Episodes Missing):
Initially Reported: 0x0250
When performing a search on a show of a show using Recent Searches, the results does not list episodes that have already been recorded and are in the PlayList. If you perform a title search of the same show, the episode result list does have episodes that are currently recorded and are in the PlayList.

- Merg
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