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R22 w/HD remote issue

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I have a R22-100 w/HD and I'm having some remote issues with it. The remote only works sometimes. It does work more than it doesn't but it's like the batteries are dead but I just put brand new batteries in it. So I'll make the back story as short as possible. I've had this unit in storage for approx 9-10 months as a back up if needed. Well last week my R15 failed and I had to put the R22 back in service. After I connected it back up and it was booting up it only got as far as the reciever self check screen. It would come up with code: 14-217?? I think??? Storage device error. Well I rebooted 4 or 5 times and came up with the same thing. Then I had to get the kids to bed so I just left it on the "Error detected screen". Came back to it approx an hour later and it was on the "Acquiring Data" screen. So evidently it somehow got past the "Error screen" and started working again. I had to reauthorize it due to being in storage so long and it updated itself with the new software, 059E. Could this be related to the "Storage device error" that it detected earlier?
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I have rebooted the DVR several times trying to fix the remote problem without any error issues.
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