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Rams fall to the Bucs, now 0-3

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Wow. Warner throws 4 picks and got sacked 5 times...I'm not even mentioning how many times they hit him in the face. The Bucs whooped the Rams pretty bad.

Warner NEEDS protection. I know that being him right now is terrible, having a pretty awful o-line that can't protect him much at all.

Perfect execution of Cover II is obviously the ONLY defensive game plan that consistently shuts down the Ram's offensive attack. What surprises me is that Martz keeps with the same game plan, usually doesn't give it to #28 enough, keeps throwing like a mad man, etc, etc, etc.

I'm shocked. At this rate, there won't even be much competition for the NFC West division title! The Rams need to make some adjustments.

I don't think anyone could have imagined this kind of start from the Rams. They've lost 8 straight games (including preseason, not that it matters, but still...)
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Oh how the mighty have fallen! :D
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