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Random recordings

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I occasionally notice that my HR24-200 does random recordings.. I'll look in my Playlist and see either partial or full recordings of shows that I did not choose. Sometimes, the titles will be of shows that I do watch, but the recordings are actually of other programs. These recordings seem to happen most often overnight... 2am or so and often seem to be infomercials. I know that neither me or my wife set these programs to record. I review my ToDo list fairly often so that I know what will be recording in the next few days and remove anything that I don't want to record such as items on Series Link that are not actual new episodes (but D* doesn't know any better). Anyone else have this random recording issue and know of a fix? I'm guessing it is a program in the D* system somewhere.
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First thing to do is look in the history entry and find out what that says. It will often tell you why it thinks it recorded it, and sometimes why it is a partial.

Guide data updates can be received at any time. Sometimes, that will cause a partial. it thinks it has a show you watch, but the guide data changes after the recording starts.

If you have set up any searches to auto record, that may be why something is recording. The history data will show that as well. If someone is watching TV at that time, they may have hit the record button in error, but it doesn't sound like that is your particular problem.
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