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I was loaned a RCA DVR39 DirecTivo box by a friend who had to suspend his service due to house moves, etc.

Last night, finally, got the new access card, got it activated, and everything appears to be working OK - almost.

The Tivo box was a little slow on some of the menu functions, sometimes taking 5-10 seconds for the DirecTV Central menu to appear. This got better after it made its first phone call. However, the menu still lists that there are "New Messages" which presumably came in while the previous owner had the box connected to his service.

When I try to go to the read messages menu option, the receiver display just hangs. I can choose any other menu option from the "Messages and Setting" menu, but choosing messages results in the screen clearing of text, a new "Messages" heading appearing at the top of the screen, but then no listing of messages appearing below. At this time, all remote and front panel button functionality is lost. Also, it doesn't time-out of this display.

I actually left it like that and went to bed, thinking maybe if it had a few hundred messages from its earlier life, it might take half-an-hour to bring up the listing of them on the screen. This morning, it was still showing the same display. While I could not access any other function of the receiver, it hadn't completely hung as the red light indicated a program was being recorded! However, I had to pull the power plug to reboot the system and get back to normal operation.

I guess I could function without ever trying to read the new messages the D* system sends me, but I would rather see them. Has anyone ever dealt with this problem or have a work-around for this sort of thing?

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