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Real World: Lost Wages random musings

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***Spoilers for Episode one abound*** -

Do not read this yet if you wish to have nothing spoiled to date.




*Is it me or does MTV always seem to manage to find a way each year to offer up an even nicer bachelors pad then in years past? This year the group spends several months living 20-21 floors up in a posh casino suite at the Palms Casino Resort compliments of owner George Maloof.

*Had to laugh at Trichelle from the small town in Louisiana offering up for discussion her naiveity in never really having experienced much in the way of ethnic/cultural diversity as it was a page stolen from the unbelievably obvious/goes without saying book.

*This has to be the best looking cast of twenty somethings I've ever seen in 12 seasons. Of course it's still early and everyone still has on their best poker face so personailities will undeniably play into how attractive everyone seems to really be after the initial first impressions wear off and you see them for how they truly are.

*The moment Steven lets the words slip from his mouth that he doesn't see himself hooking up with anyone else in the house, you knew immediately he was putting the feelers out for Trichelle something fierce. The look on Brynn's face at the table was absolutely priceless when he said she didn't do much for him in the way of physical attractiveness.

*Alton and Frank looked to be the most genuine and down to earth males of the three this season with Alton getting big points for giving up his room to Arissa and Irulan on day one and also for stepping in and confronting Steven after he totally screwed over Frank with regards to going after Trichelle. Frank is buying his new roomie buddy a drink and bringing it to him when he sees ol Steven practically sleeping with Trichelle on the dance floor - the worst part came after this though when Steven was all over Trichelle on some kind of private couch type dealio and Frank is trapped for a few moments watching Steven and his desired female completely go to town right on top of him! All this after Steven goes way out of his way to reassure Frank that Trichelle is all his and that she is totally into him!!!

*Funny moment with Brynn calling home in tears saying she's ready to come back for good just like last seasons Tonya from Real World Chicago! The two of them should get together after the season ends and compare notes perhaps.

*Loved the closeup fast edit of the slot machine which had a small sign on it reading: Malfunction voids all pays and plays. What a perfect foreshadowing element for that entire episode.
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I forgot all about the new season. I'll have to check it out...I've seen every one - no need to stop now even though I thought the Chicago Real World was one of the worst.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Marc Portugal, an employee at the Palms who supervised the cast of MTV's "The Real World" has been dismissed after sexual harassment charges were aired during last week's episode. "We have zero tolerance for such behavior," said Michael Morton, co-owner of the company that owns N9NE steakhouse, the nightclub Rain and the pool lounge Skin at the Palms.

During Tuesday night's airing of the fifth episode, one of the female cast members complained to her castmates that Portugal was "a molester." Night-vision cameras in the bedroom showed a female protesting when Portugal crawled into her bed.

The seven cast members worked for Portugal at the nightclub, and he often partied with them in their high roller suite at the Palms. "Obviously, we were unaware of the things that were going on," said Morton.
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