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Reality show plans Everest climb

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An American cable channel is looking for contestants prepared to climb Mount Everest to compete for a cash prize in a new reality television show.
The assault on the world's tallest mountain will be the culmination of the new series on the Outdoor Life Network.

But competitors will first have to take part in a series of challenges in difficult terrain as diverse as Africa's Kalahari Desert, in the wilderness in Borneo and in the mountains of Iceland before heading for the Himalayas.

A group of the 50 fittest men and women aged 21 and above will initially be chosen, with 12 finalists vying for the $250,000 (£161,788) prize money.

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Like don't lots of people die each year climbing Mount Everest. This isn't fear factor or something else where while dangerous, the chance of dying during filming is like .0000001%
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