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This sounds goofy enough, now I'll have to try to watch the first few minutes to see if it's any good?

"Dog Eat Dog" 9:00PM-10:00PM ET on NBC --(TV-PG) 7-15-02

"1011 (Reality Stars Edition)"

Recognizable reality TV stars such as Richard Hatch and Susan Hawk of "Survivor" compete in this special edition of this hit NBC game show played before an in-studio audience that combines extreme stunts and outrageous dares with smarts and strategy.

Also in the competition are Darva Conger ("Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire"), "Temptation Island's" Kaya Wittenberg and Ytossie Patterson, along with America's most famous house guest, Kato Kaelin.

Brooke Burns ("Baywatch") hosts as the six celebrities first spend a day undergoing various tests of intellect and brawn to judge each others' strengths and weaknesses before gathering the next day on the elaborate stage to see if the "top dog" will walk away with $25,000 or if the other five players will split that amount amongst themselves.

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Hatch must be running low on the half million(what's left over after the tax boys)...sue, of course, probably thinks this is mentally a step up for herself...darva "please i don't want celebrity" conga, after finding out that most of america was unappreciative of her natural assests in playboy, is struggling to get any crumbs of the pie she can and kato probably thinks he's the luckiest boy in america...
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