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Reason 1,876 I don't miss cable

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Add the following story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to the long list of reasons I don't miss cable.

High winds, old satellite knock off 'Sopranos'
High winds and an aging satellite conspired to knock out HBO during Sunday's episode of "The Sopranos" for as many as 10,000 southeastern Wisconsin cable subscribers.

Sunday night's winds - gusting up to 50 mph - moved a part on a Time Warner satellite dish, knocking out HBO and Turner Classic Movies for subscribers scattered around the area.

Bev Greenberg, Time Warner's vice president for community/government relations, says it affected transmissions from the Galaxy 1 satellite, which sends HBO and TCM pictures around the country. If the signal had come from a newer satellite used by other cable channels, the picture wouldn't have been affected.

While viewers say the picture went out just as "The Sopranos" was beginning at 8 p.m., Time Warner didn't notice the problem until 9. By 11 p.m., HBO and TCM service were restored, Greenberg says.
The 50 MPH winds did not affect my E* dish at all.

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That sucks!!!!! How can you NOT know until an hour later????? Guess someone was asleep at the boards.
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