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Received a great deal from Directv

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Been a customer for over two years and recently purchased an HDTV so called Directv to get HD installation and service. They said it would cost me $99 for the HD DVR and $19.95 for the installation. Told them I didn't want to pay anything for the HD DVR or installation and told them to get me to their cancellation department to disconnect service, since I can get the above for free from my local cable company.

The guy offered me a free HD DVR, free installation to include any line running or fishing behind walls (even put the note on the work order for me and made the note say that I will be reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses when it comes to installation even things beyond standard installation), NFL Sunday Ticket for $50 and free Superfan.

I know I probably won't get reimbursed for the work outside of standard installation, but figured I could try. I know the installer will have to fish another line to my bedroom for my SD Dvr and will probably have to pay for that. But, outside of that I think I got a great deal. Have a installation date of Oct. 15 and have been enjoying the Sunday Ticket for 2 weeks now (Go Skins!).

Does Directv always do these kind of things for customer retention?
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RedhawkSP said:
Does Directv always do these kind of things for customer retention?
It varies from account to account. The best way to get a good deal is to 1) pay your bill before the due date, and 2) don't ask for freebies often.
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