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Receiver choices & other questions

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I'm currently a TWC subscriber and thinking of switching to Direct. I'm looking for some recommendations as to what receiver's to choose. I'm interested in the Choice Ultimate package

I currently have 3 Tv's which I would like to have service 2 of them are HD the 3rd is not. Is it best to go ahead and get a HD receiver for the 3rd tv now, is this possible ?

What if I would like to move let's say Tv #1 to a basement family room later on which is currently wired for Cable, how would this work ?

If I would like to add another Tv at a later date how does this work ?

Regarding DVR service, I currently have DVR on one TV and it is a nice feature but not a must have.

Concerning my cable service, I would keep my internet service and get rid of the TV service, It's best to wait til Direct is up and running before canceling cable ?

Sorry for all the questions... :)
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When the DirecTV installer comes, specifically tell him that existing cable cannot be used as it is in use for cable and will remain in use for cable. He will run the necessary coax to the locations you have ordered equipment for, but he will not pre-wire for possible future locations.

I would encourage you to consider a DVR, but that is your own choice. With a DVR, you can also get whole-home service which will allow any DirecTV location to view recordings from the DVR. Given that you do not consider DVR "a must", I see no reason to get the HR34 (the 5 tuner DVR). A regular 2 tuner DVR should serve your purposes, and will be lower initial cost.

I would get all HD receivers to start with. You can feed a SD tv with an HD receiver (but if it is an H25, you will need an adapter cable for it, the installer should be able to provide that).

To move/change a location later, you would need to run a coax cable to the new location. To add a location later, you would order the additional receiver from DirecTV with installation, and the installer would run the necessary coax.

To summarize, order one HD DVR and two HD Receivers. The DVR will be an HR2x series (HR20, 21, 22, 23, or 24). The receiver will be an H2x series (H21, ... H25). You cannot specify a specific model (e.g., HR24 or H25), you will get whatever the installer has on his truck from his warehouse.
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jws21 said:
The second leg on the two way feeding a 4 way splitter which feeds other tv's in the house.

Would the line from the dish just connect to the 4 way splitter and be done with ? I could eliminate the first 2 way and just put in a ground block.
First, make sure the installer knows you intend to keep the one leg for cable and that he is not to touch it.

As to the second leg, probably but you should replace the splitter with an approved green label splitter for DirecTV. Somewhere in the system, you will need a power inserter, but it can be past the splitter at one of the TV locations. You just have to make sure the correct coax is connected to the power passing leg of the splitter.
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