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Receiver choices & other questions

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I'm currently a TWC subscriber and thinking of switching to Direct. I'm looking for some recommendations as to what receiver's to choose. I'm interested in the Choice Ultimate package

I currently have 3 Tv's which I would like to have service 2 of them are HD the 3rd is not. Is it best to go ahead and get a HD receiver for the 3rd tv now, is this possible ?

What if I would like to move let's say Tv #1 to a basement family room later on which is currently wired for Cable, how would this work ?

If I would like to add another Tv at a later date how does this work ?

Regarding DVR service, I currently have DVR on one TV and it is a nice feature but not a must have.

Concerning my cable service, I would keep my internet service and get rid of the TV service, It's best to wait til Direct is up and running before canceling cable ?

Sorry for all the questions... :)
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So I would need 2 HD DVR's in addition to the Home Media Center HR34 for DVR on all three sets ?
Drucifer said:
H25 are not DVRs
My mistake, with the HMC HR34 the other two could be just HD receivers. The advantage of multiple DVR's is just more storage I guess.....
Drucifer said:
If you're like me, you'll record more than you will ever watch. The only difference in cost, is the original price you pay. The monthly cost for a H or HR is the same.
I tend to record and then forget about what I recorded :lol:

I have a Question about current wiring. The way I have my cable wired atm is at the drop outside I have a 2 way splitter with one leg being a Home run straight to my cable modem which I intend to keep. The second leg on the two way feeding a 4 way splitter which feeds other tv's in the house.

Would the line from the dish just connect to the 4 way splitter and be done with ? I could eliminate the first 2 way and just put in a ground block.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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