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Receiver needs to restart?

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Just had direct hooked up yesterday and I am so happy with it :) Just a quick question. Last night around 10PM I had a message that my receiver needs to restart, and to allow it or postpone it. It didnt say anything about a software update or anything else, just that it needed to restart. I allowed it and it restarted, did it's self check, downloaded data from satellite etc, and I was back watching TV within 10 minutes. Just wondering if that was normal, or if my receiver may be having issues. Thanks. :)
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Very normal. Your receiver will still be downloading stuff over the next day or two.

And welcome to DBSTalk, spacemanrocks! I saw your post over on the sibilance thread, too. You might want to continue to play with that. I can leave Dolby Digital on with mine without any problem but whatever sounds best in your home. It's just a big 110v powered toy.

I'm glad you are pleased with your new service. :)
Great to know, thanks! I was worried during the install as I was getting signal strengths in the low 80's, but the tech did a great job figuring out the dish he originally installed must have been slightly bent, once he popped a new one on it worked like a charm :)

Yeah i'm gonna keep fiddling with my A/V receiver to sort the sibilance issue out, it sounds great right now but I would prefer to keep Dolby Digital enabled :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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