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Receiver question

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Just wondering which receiver you folks think is more reliable, the H20-100 series, or the 700's? I've been with Direc TV about 8 or 9 years now, (am considered an A-list customer) and have had a few minor problems over the years with their equipment. That's to be expected for that length of time., but overall I've been very satisfied with their service, and customer service. Recently I ordered another HR-20 to go in a spare room because I bought a Samsung 52 in. LCD TV that I love, by the way.

When the tech was installing the HR-20 it was raining intermittently, so I didn't think anything of the fact that the H-20 700 receiver in my bedroom was losing signal. It wasn't until after the he left, and the weather cleared up, that I realized the signal wasn't coming back. I called DTV, and the tech support man stated that they were having problems with some of the 700 series receivers eternally searching for a signal, but never finding one, so he decided I just needed a new receiver. I ask him to notate that I was requesting one of the H-20 models so I could get the OTA tuner capability, as they don't offer local channels in my area.

Yesterday I got an H-20 100 series replacement. Upon trying to activate it I ran into the same problem. Not to mention that it kept screwing up when I tried to set the 720P mode. It would proceed through the menu with every other aspect ratio (including 1080i) just fine though. The CSR talked to me like I was child, and kind of ticked me off because she said in an annoyed voice that it was impossible to get a picture using an HDMI switcher. She kept telling me to use the component inputs. Excuse me, but I got a good signal using a Monoprice switcher before all this happened, and I'm not a complete electronic idiot. I have to say that she is the only rude CSR I've ever talked to all my years of dealing with DTV.

I called back, and thank goodness decided to talk directly to tech support again, who escalated my case. I received a call back from a helpful guy, who said they will send a tech out on Saturday. I realize this post is long, but my question is should I take the refurbished H20-100 they sent me, or keep my H20-700, which was working fine before? Thanks.
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Sorry. I meant that I had an H20-600. To try to explain further, after I bought my new TV I wanted to add a receiver to that room. I already have an HR-20 in my living room. I wanted another one (for the OTA feature), and since DTV couldn't guarantee me that I would not get an HR-21, I ordered one from a vendor on Amazon.

It still hasn't arrived, so I had the tech move the one from the living room into the spare room where my new TV is. I'll just activate the new HR-20 to replace the one in the living myself when it arrives. After he got everything set up in the newly added room, and had left, I noticed that my H20-600 in my bedroom had stopped receiving a signal. It had never given me any problems before. It started the problem while he was there, but I thought it was because of the rain. I lose signals pretty often when that happens. Now the moved HR-20 is working fine. No signal problems at all. Just having the problem with the H-20 in the bedroom. Not sure why.

The D Tech support guy just decided to send me another receiver for my bedroom instead of having a technician come out to see what the problem was. I requested another H-20, so they sent me a refurbished H20-100 series receiver, which still won't pick up a signal. They are sending an advanced tech out tomorrow to check my lines, and dish.

I am running an upconverting Oppo DVD player, and the receiver through a Monoprice HDMI switcher, which has never given me any problems in the past, and I am able to see the menu screen with the old, and new H-20's that they have sent. I just keep getting stuck on the searching for signal screen.

I was asking if I should keep the refurbished H-20 100 or my original 600 that has never given me any problems prior to the signal loss. I'm not sure which one is supposed to be the more reliable model.
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Well, the next tech they sent out fixed the problem. The other guy didn't run enough lines, so my H-20 wasn't getting a signal. I'm just going to keep my H-20 600, and send back the 100 series one they sent me.

I'm going to have to talk to someone about taking off that second service call charge though because they didn't do it right the first time. I already paid them $105.00 to do the original install.
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