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receiver question

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Hi: i have a 211HD and a analog receiver with 2 tuners in other room which has chan 3 and chan 21 and i want to upgrade this one to HD,but i want to have also the 2 tuner with same chan 21 because i want to be able to use it in same way that i'm using now with chan tv 2 with chan 21, that is very handy because i can send the signal from the living room from the 211 to other tv's chan 3 and the tv 2 chan 21,
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Use of sentences and capitalization would make this easier to follow. I think your question is basic, but it's not totally clear what you want to end up with.

"analog receiver" All Dish channels are delivered in a digital stream. I'm guessing you have an SD receiver (322? 522?) that you wish to upgrade to HD.

The ViP222 is the HD equivalent of the 322. The DVR 622/722 is the HD upgrade of a 522/625 and adds the ability to record ATSC from local broadcast. All 3 can output TV2 over your choice of channel 21-69.
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