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Recent pixelation issues

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Noticing a lot of my recordings from this week (starting around Tuesday) are showing a lot of pixelation/breakup on playback.

I know its been rainy here on the East Coast all week, so I suppose its possibly rain fade (or misalignment.....when I got my HR34 the installer had to swap out our 5LNB for a 3LNB because a tree grew in the way of one of the outer sats).

I noticed a poll in the CE forum about submitting pixelation issues but I wasnt in time to submit mine....makes me wonder if Directv "tweaked" something and it didnt play well with all receivers?

The interesting thing is that multiple recordings at the same time arent acting the same.......some playback perfect, some show pixelation.

Thanks in advance.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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